Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Teach a class - Free Pop-Up card making.

Some of my presentations have been for school age children.  I was thrilled that every child walked away with a Pop-Up card they had made.  Before each presentation I made sure I had the appropriate level pop-up card to suit the new audience.  If it takes a lot of explaining, where I do most of the talking, I found it is less fun for the children.

My presentation to a class of 15 Juniors with Autism has been the most interesting thus far.  I signed in through Security at the High School and one girl from the class was sent to bring me to the Art room.  She was a very happy girl and before I knew it, we were in the room.  My biggest fear was that I would not have enough to fill the 2 hours scheduled for me.  Time flew and we all seemed to have fun.  One girl had a melt down and left the room with a 1 to 1 assistant, but came back before the end of class.  I learned a lot from these High School students.  They suggested how to cut down some of the steps to create the card.  One young man showed me some new angles to change the card we were working on into a totally different card.
One girl loved cats and she changed the card into a Pop-Up cat card.  One boy loved computers and explained to me about 3D-4D graphics programs and offered to show me how to do my own programming.  These young men and women made me think perhaps I was the challenged one as I left the school.  They made my mind smile.

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Anonymous said...

This is so cool! The design is beautiful but how fantastic for the blind community to have something made for them specifically. Wow!