Thursday, September 4, 2014


I got tired of rifeling through boxes and notebooks trying to find embossing folders and cutting dies.
Pulled the entire Studio apart and now have most things organized.

 TO the right of the door is my little section of some of my favorite designs and some from other artists.
Then I set out and got ribbon out of a drawer and put most of it up on a Baker's Rack for easy access:
Embossing machines and Xyrons.  In the way back, ink pads for easy access.  In between desks are my CD designs archived.

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Anonymous said...

LOL! That would work for me if I had any available wall space! The back of one door has the hanging strips I scored fom the grocery store, with all my ribbons in bas hanging from it - the other one has a book shelf behind it so any additional bulk would mean the door doesn't open fully. The ONLY wall space I have available is behind my monitor in a corner and that is too hard to get to for functional use so it has the sleeves made from baseball card sleeves that display ATCS! I would have loved to have the space to use one of the over-the-door shoe holders to store my punches - seen that lots of places but won't work for me. Althought thinking abot it I COULD do it on the OUTSIDE of the dor as one of the doors goes into a hall at the front of the house and that room isn't really used or seen by visitors as we use the kitchen dor foor entry and exit. Hummm - food for thought for sure!. Great tip and thanks for the link to the post.