Thursday, October 27, 2016

Pastor at Pulpit Business Card Sculpture 1438

Pastor at Pulpit Business Card Sculpture 1438.

Be sure to see:
  His tiny shoe laces.
  The Bible pages are edged with 18kt gold leaf.
  The red bookmark in the bible points to his heart.
  The client said the Pastor always had a cup of coffee with him so they wanted that added to the Pulpit.
  The cross crucifix in the Pulpit is cut out.

Cake Slice Pop-Up Card

Cake Slice Pop-Up Card  with removable fork.
First order client asked for no candle and no wording.

The first photo, I created years ago and could not find it in my archived CD's.  It is there somewhere - I just gave up looking for it.

Printed lace background.
Folds flat to mail.
As the viewer opens the card, the cake slice and candle Pop-Up.

Halloween candy corn boxes

Plastic Surgeon Business Card Sculpture 1437

Exeecutive Business Card sculpture