Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Deer came to visit Feb. 22,2016

And a close-up makes it appear the one deer is talking - yikes

I found a neat site where you can make your own FREE moving gif files:

Sunday, February 21, 2016

GAP GUild of AMerican Papercutters Member February 2016

I was just notified I am accepted into the Guild of American Papercutters. Such an honor!
To join or find out more about the guild:

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Crown and Chandelier Cards Inspired by Yuichi Miyoshi

Inspired by: Yuichi Miyoshi

I could not find the Crown design in any of his books but have seen it across the internet.
I designed this as an A7 card for an upcoming birthday in the family.

The chandeleir card is from his book:
Shiawase Okuru
Editor: Best Treasure

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Butterfly Pop-Up Card

Inspired by: Yuichi Miyoshi
I designed 2 sizes today. The A9 is too wobbly and the A7 seems just right size. 5X7
The Butterflies are from his book: Yume no ginsekai and I have seen his designs across the internet.
I took the photos after i made the cards..

Rose POp-Up Card

Rose design from his book: Shiawase Okuru. Editor:Best Treasure.
Octagon card design recreated from photos on the internet. Could not find the pattern anywhere so I created it as best I could from photos of his beautiful works.

I wish there was a way to buy his digital patterns and pay with Paypal instead of having to import a book.

nspired by Yuichi Miyoshi

Eiffel Tower 1169 Business card Sculpture

Inspired by: Yuichi Miyoshi
  The Dahlia is from his book: Yume no ginsekai.
The photos is mine.

The card design is close to his but I could not find the pattern in any of his books yet.

Proposal Pop-Up Book